College basketball’s Top 100 And 1 players by team: Kansas, Kentucky among those with four players ranked

Our annual list of the Top 100 And 1 players in college basketball is out, and the exhaustive ranking, which fuses the individual rankings of four writers, provides some insights into certain teams for the season ahead. It’s no surprise that each of the preseason top-15 teams in college basketball placed more than one player on the list, because what’s a highly ranked team without touted talent?

What is a bit surprising, though, is that four teams from outside the preseason AP Top 25 also placed more than one player on the list. One of them, Arizona, isn’t even projected to make the NCAA Tournament, according to the early Bracketology work of CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm. The other three non-ranked teams with multiple players on the list are Mississippi State, St. John’s and Texas Tech.

But when it comes to the distribution of high-end talent, a whopping 16 teams have three or more players on the list, and it’s not necessarily the top 16 teams in the country. Below is the full breakdown of the Top 100 And 1 players by team., beginning with those who are best represented on the list and descending toward those teams with a single player in the Top 101 And 1.

Check out the full CBS Sports Top 100 And 1 best college basketball players rankings

The Jayhawks’ top player on the list is a transfer from Arizona State, whereas the other three have each been in the program for multiple seasons. Based on past production, Martin deserves to be the highest-ranked. But it wouldn’t be a surprise if any of the other three actually led the team in scoring.

It’s a sign of Kentucky’s evolution as a program that its top three players on the list are not freshmen. Washington is the team’s only freshman in the top-100, and he is much further down than BJ Boston (13) and Terrence Clarke (27) were last season.

Maryland’s depth is a bit of a question, but the Terrapins should have one of the best starting…


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