Josh Giddey makes triple-double history in 95-86 loss to the Mavericks

The Oklahoma City Thunder were able to keep it close against the Dallas Mavericks in a 95-86 loss as Josh Giddey made his return from health and safety protocols and makes history by becoming the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double.

With the Thunder missing Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and the Mavericks returning Luka Doncic, this felt like a game that could have gotten quickly out of the Thunder’s hands due to the talent disparity. But instead, much like most of this season, the Thunder were able to punch above its weight class and keep up with the Mavericks in a game that was interesting for all four quarters.

Giddey also made this game must watch as he chased down triple-double history in the fourth quarter once again as he needed two more records to win the title for youngest player to record a triple-double from LaMelo Ball. Eventually, Giddey was able to finally attain this record as he grabbed five boards in seven minutes.

Let’s take a look at player grades for this surprisingly entertaining game:

Josh Giddey: A+

Making his return from health and safety protocol and without his running mate in Gilgeous-Alexander, Giddey was given free reign to run the offense this game and he turned in his first career triple-double in response to the new found freedom. The 19-year-old rookie finished with 17 points, 14 assists and 13 rebounds along with four steals in 36 minutes.

Unlike last time where Giddey failed to score two points for the entire fourth quarter to make history, he was able to grab his 10th rebound with over four minutes left in the game.

This is easily Giddey’s best game of the season and has shown a lot of growth as the season has progressed. Giddey being able to collect 14 assists with the teammates he had this game speaks great volumes as to how special his playmaking is and can be. The 13 rebounds also show that he is already one of the best rebounding guards in the NBA despite being a rookie and the 16 shot attempts show that Giddey is not afraid to let it fly if circumstances force him to. Overall, a great game for Giddey.

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Aaron Wiggins: B+

Wiggins was given…


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