Joel Embiid not putting pressure on 76ers to make Ben Simmons trade: ‘There’s no urgency to change anything’

While fans of the Philadelphia 76ers are eager for the club to trade Ben Simmons, the organization clearly isn’t in a rush, and apparently neither is the team’s best player. Speaking after Philadelphia’s 111-99 victory over the Boston Celtics on Friday night, All-Star center Joel Embiid made it clear that he’s happy with the Sixers as currently constructed — even without Simmons’ services. 

“When I look at where we are when we got most of the team in the lineup, especially me in the lineup, then we are 21 and 9,” Embiid said, via ESPN. “That’s not bad. That’s up there with the best records in the NBA. So, all that tells me is that we just got to stay healthy, keep doing what we’ve been doing.

“I feel pretty good, and I don’t think we’ve played our best basketball yet. We still got a long way to go. We’re missing guys here and there that could really help us. There’s really no urgency to change anything. I think we got everything we need. We’re gonna keep on going and I’m happy.”

Embiid clearly isn’t putting any public pressure on the organization to make a move involving Simmons prior to the NBA’s trade deadline on Feb. 10, and he hasn’t done so behind closed doors, either, according to a league source. But, does he truly believe that the Sixers are good enough to compete for an NBA title without Simmons or additional talent acquired by trading him? Here’s what he had to say about that: 

“I think so.. I think we all gotta, we all gotta be our best. And when we are at our best, I think we can beat anybody. We’ve seen it a couple of times this year. So, I just think we need to, I need to keep doing what I’ve been doing and then obviously we need consistency from everybody… We need consistency, and everybody coming in every single night with the goal of just doing their job and chipping in offensively and defensively and just playing together and we’ll be fine.”

Embiid’s stellar play this season is a huge part of the reason that the Sixers have been able to remain respectable in Simmons’ absence. The big man was named the NBA’s…


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