Luke Kennard’s stunning four-point play caps off Clippers record-setting 35-point comeback win against Wizards


If you were one of the hardcore NBA nerds watching the Clippers-Wizards game on Tuesday night, chances are you turned it off at some point in the second quarter, when the Wizards took a 35-point lead with 1:20 left before rolling into halftime up 30. 

You’ll be shocked to hear, the Clippers won. 

Or the Wizards lost. 

However you want to look at it. 

In the second-biggest NBA comeback since the 1996-97 season, the Clippers, who even after their huge rally still trailed by six with 11 seconds left, pulled off one of the most improbable victories ever in one of the most improbable ways, with a Luke Kennard four-point play in the waning seconds. 

Before we go any further, let’s get something straight: Kennard hitting this shot plus the foul is ABSOLUTELY NOT some form of validation for the confused segment of the Twitter population that doesn’t believe in fouling when up by three late in a game. 

Watch again. There was plenty of time to foul Justise Winslow before he even handed the ball to Kennard in the first place, or even to foul Kennard as soon as he put the ball on the floor, long before he got into his shooting motion. 

If anything, this is a glaring example of why you SHOULD foul when up by three. Do not even provide the opportunity for a potential game-tying shot to get in the air. There is no justification for the Wizards not fouling early in this situation. They deserved to lose. 

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