College coaches, leaders share candid thoughts on future of NIL: ‘We all feel like there’s no rules’

Ten months into the name, image and likeness era, college athletics has become a runaway satellite hurtling toward the sun. It’s only a matter of time before someone or some program is going to get burned.

At least, that’s one side of the story. Some coaches say they’ve never had it tougher. Others are rolling with athletes’ newly found rights. On the field? You must admit, it has made little difference … for now.  

Again, that could all change because we are less than a year into NIL. June 30 marks a year since the NCAA’s interim policy (really, no policy) was released ahead of state NIL laws going into effect on July 1. College athletics being college athletics, rabbit holes were quickly dug. NIL benefits morphed into perceived inducements or “pay for play,” due in large part to the formation of collectives.

The NCAA has decided to step in, but will it be enough, and is it too late? At this point, we’re talking about the association finally deciding to try and enforce its own rules.

The difference? The opposition is no longer only compliance departments. It is NFL marketing agents — allowed by NIL — who would think nothing of filing antitrust lawsuits over lunchtime.

“Different creates uncertainty, and uncertainty creates doubt. I don’t see a lot of positives right now with the [transfer] portal and NIL stuff,” Kansas basketball coach Bill Self told CBS Sports.

Whether the NCAA can reign in the perceived excess or whether this is the way of college athletics going forward is yet to be the determined.

CBS Sports recently gave stakeholders a chance to offer suggestions for how they would right the ship when it comes to NIL. They shared way more than opinions. They shared stories from the trenches. They shared their outrage.  

Mostly, they gave definition to what it means to play at the highest level of college athletics these days.

CBS Sports offered college sports leaders the…


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